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   Vegetarian Recipes
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Kathiyawadi recipes
  • Rotli (Chappati)


  • Cooking Method:
  • Take millet flour in big thali and go and adding and smashing the millet to form a smooth round sphere like dough of approx 2 1/2 inch.
  • Now take some water in your palm and try to flattern the dough with enough thickness and give a round shape like roti.
  • Try to press it fromcenter and take care that the round corners of rotla does not get split, make your palm wet with water again and again.
  • Expand the rotla till desired size, clapping it in a way that it does not stick in hand, using water.
  • Try that it will not be broken from anywhere and perfect round.
  • Once desired size is formed, put it in kaladi (clay tawa).
  • Cook it on a low flame for a while till one sided gets fully cooked. Then turn the other side of rotla using taweta.
  • After both side gets properly cooked, just put the rotla directly on flame for 30 seconds, so it will be finely cooked.
  • Get it off the flame and spread the desi ghee over it and serve hot.
  • It taste best when serve with ghee and god (jaggery).
  • Also taste good when serve with raviya sabji or bharela ringan curry. (egg plant curry)
  • It also taste delicious when mashed and serve with kadhi (seasoned butter milk).